Athletic Stretching Description:

  • Do you want to be on top of your game with optimal speed, flexibility, and agility?
  • Would you like to achieve freedom and fluidity in the flow of your movements?

Athletic movement should feel easy, flow, and be light.   If not, you have unnecessary tightness that can be addressed.

2015-06-04 Athletic StretchingAthletic Stretching is a remarkably thorough methodology for improving performance in your athletics, reducing chronic pain, improving posture, and creating a more balanced body. This reduces stress, leading to a more balanced and relaxed mind.

This method of muscle lengthening and fascial release provides effective dynamic facilitated stretch of major muscle groups, but more importantly functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.

Over the past decades many experts have advocated prolonged stretching up to 60 seconds in duration. For years, this prolonged static stretch technique was the gold standard. Prolonged static stretching actually decreases the blood flow within the tissue creating localized ischemia and lactic acid buildup. This potentiates irritation or injury of local muscular, tendinous, lymphatic as well as neural tissues, similar to the effects and consequences of trauma and overuse syndromes.

Athletic Stretching is an effective treatment for deep and superficial fascial release, restoring proper fascial planes for optimal physiologic function. Performing a stretch of no greater than 2.0 seconds allows the target muscle to optimally lengthen without triggering the protective stretch reflex and subsequent reciprocal antagonistic muscle contraction as the isolated muscle achieves a state of relaxation. Maximal beneficial stretch can be accomplished without opposing tension or resulting trauma.

This technique uses active movement and reciprocal inhibition to achieve optimal flexibility. It is based upon the physiological principles of specific muscle lengthening, increased circulation and oxygen to the tissues, as well as lengthening of the superficial and deep fascia.

3 main objectives:

  • Optimize flexibility for sports performance
  • Reduce and prevent injuries
  • Regain flexibility lost after you train
  • Some key points in this stretching system:
  • We synchronize our breathing with the movement to tune our nervous system
  • We emphasize gaining range of motion without pain
  • We stretch an area in multiple directions in order to get the most complete stretch

What are the benefits?

  • 2015-06-04 Athletic Stretching - benefitsIncreased pain free range of motion
  • Improved postural alignment
  • Improved circulation
  • Decreased propensity for injury in athletics
  • Improved activation of inhibited muscle tissue
  • More balanced body and a relaxed mind

Who gets it?

  • Various pro teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB  receive this work
  • Amateur athletes especially in popular local sports such as Golf, Tennis, Crossfit, Volleyball, Equestrian, Swimming, Running, and Biking
  • Young aspiring athletes wishing to gain an edge on the competition
  • People from all walks of life that would like to improve their wellness and achieve their fitness goals

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How is it done?

2015-06-04 Athletic Stretching - how is it doneWhen working with a therapist, as a client you will be spending most of the time on the therapy table and I will be teaching you and assisting you with the stretches.   Straps and pads may be used to bolster your body and also keep it stable while the stretches are being performed.   For upper body stretches you may also be seated and sometimes standing.

How often?

2015-06-04 Athletic Stretching - how oftenI am often asked by my clients how often they should stretch, and the answer is it depends on your lifestyle, career, and desire to achieve optimum results.   For most people, for table therapy sessions the optimal results are achieved with 2 sessions per week, 1.5 hours in length, spaced 3 days apart.    If that is not possible, 1 session per week will get you started down the right track.

What to wear?

Loose fitting athletic clothes, preferably long pants and a short sleeve shirt or tank top are ideal clothing for stretching sessions.

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