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Colleen – November, 2017:

I came to Ari after trying out several sports massage therapists who left me feeling no better than when I came in. I’m a former professional ballet dancer, and Ari has helped me not only work through an injury, but to correct several structural problems that I’ve been dealing with my entire career. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does, and is continually educating himself on his craft. For the same price as a massage, I’m now able to see long-term improvements with my body, and couldn’t be happier with the treatment I’ve been receiving. I highly recommend Ari to anyone!

Melrose – November 2017:

Ari is amazing! I was in a car accident when I was young which really messed up my neck. I had been doing chiropractic visits most of my life, because my neck would lock up, and being a hairdresser working with my arms up all day doesn’t make it any better. A client of mine actually told me about Ari and I was willing to give anything a chance, I did the full session series as Ari recommended and I am so grateful, it’s been 2 years since our full session series and my neck is doing great! I haven’t had to visit the chiropractor since. I highly recommend him.

Joseph – October 2017

Ari was helpful with an issue I’ve had for many many years, which was my posture. I have always slouched, which as I have gotten older has created pain in my hips and shoulders. After a series of treatments I was walking and standing taller and moving more fluidly from his knowledgeable technique. He has given me the simple tools/knowledge to self-correct when Im walking or sitting, and Im happy to know how to control my body and where to look for things that aren’t right. Not only is he a good, knowledgeable therapist, he’s a gentleman.

Ulli – August, 2017

I have now had four sessions with Ari and my first visit surpassed all expectations. I felt such a relief in my neck/shoulder area it was just incredible! He is obviously very experienced and totally committed to his work, on top of that he has a very good touch, firm but sensitive and unlike what I heard about Rolfing it does not hurt. I have studied osteopathy so I have a good idea about bodywork and I can tell you he’s a 100% expert in his field. Whether you’re hurting or you just want to stay fit and healthy Ari’s program is a must!

Martha – June, 2017:

I went to Ari with a chronic sciatic/back issue. I have seen marked improvement in just a few sessions. His knowledge base is so huge that he can target exactly the right muscles that need releasing and/or strengthening. I left the appointments feeling better but also with a couple of simple exercises to do at home. In just a few minutes a day, I’ve been able to maintain Ari’s work and feel improvements. It’s wonderful to find someone that can help you to help yourself. I 100% recommend going to Strong and Mobile!

David P. – June, 2017

Ari is a brilliant therapist!! Each session is intense and thorough and is more powerful than 3 to 5 regular massages realistically. Ari is also a wonderful, sensitive human being which is an added benefit to working with a trusted professional who adds that personal touch and care. If you are open to deep work and transforming your health and structure, have Ari as your therapist!!

David N. – December 2016

Ari is an amazing therapist with great amount of knowledge about the human Body he practices Rolfing, Myoskeletal Alignment and strength training modalities.

Do yourself a favor and try  him!

Burke Badenhop – May, 2011(Boston Red Sox): Years of pitching were starting to take their toil on my body.  The constant repetition and overuse made playing baseball a chore.  As a result, I tried just about everything to get relief from constant pain and soreness.  In 2010, I was finally introduced to Rolfing. Through the Rolf Institute website I was lead to Ari Globerman.  Ari was awesome to work with.  His knowledge of the body and how it should work and move were an integral part to my recovery.  Releasing tight, overused fascia was key to restoring my range of motion throughout my body.  Ari was always easy to work with and is extremely professional.  I’m lucky to have found him when I did and would certainly recommend him to anyone.

Sherry M – January , 2010:  A recent car accident aggravated the neck and back problems that I have had for many years.  I went to Strong and Mobile to see Ari Globerman for some pain relief.  Massages only helped temporarily.  It wasn’t until he began using other techniques such as Structural Integration® that I was finally able to see longer term benefits.  The results have been amazing.  I have been experiencing longer periods of complete pain relief.  In addition my balance and posture have both improved.  In each session he uses a combination of knowledge, experience, and intuition to get the best results.  He also takes the time to explain everything thoroughly.  I finally have hope that I can stay completely pain free in the future.

Dave – December , 2009: “When I first started to see Ari, I had been suffering from chronic back pain for years.  Ari’s body work and his suggestions with regards to my posture and sitting position led to a rapid improvement in my condition and pain level.  Furthermore, Ari’s recommendations to see Dr. Steven Licata (Osteopath) now has me on the road to long term recovery.”

S.M. – October, 2009: “After a few sessions, my energy level is increasing, and my back feels much more flexible.  Thanks Ari!”

Aaron Easton – Triple A Professional Baseball Player: – September, 2007    After my sessions I was amazed at the improvement in my balance and athleticism.  It was like I had a whole new body.  Ari really increased my range of motion and relieved the chronic pain and discomfort caused from the repetitive nature of pitching.  This work has helped me in all aspects of baseball and in my day to day life.

Barbara Foose – May, 2007  The Competitive Edge – Therapeutic Bodywork for Horse and Humans: “It has been refreshing to have met and worked with Ari.  Being a massage therapist for the past 10 years working on  both horses and humans is incredibly physically demanding so I try to practice what I preach and receive bodywork on a regular basis. However it is often very challenging to find a therapist that meets my expectations. After experiencing the complete Rolfing Structural Integration Series with Ari, I can say without hesitation that he has extraordinary  intuition and technique and his work has allowed me to continue doing my job with ease and totally pain free. Thank you!”

Vicki Lea – February, 2006:

I was introduced to the Rolfing Method of Structural Integration by Ari Globerman. After clearly explaining how it works, he briefly demonstrated some of the typical movements that I could expect during a session.

Although my original goal was to achieve improved posture, I reaped much more from the sessions. Through the skillful treatment, patience, and insight of Ari I was able to physically release the long-held tensions that constricted my body. Tensions that had been created by the outer environment of people, places, and events.

I came to appreciate that it was ok for me to let go of past physical and emotional traumas. I was in a safe place. Physically, I have been relieved of a chronic lower back pain that had plagued me for the last four years. I came to appreciate that the pain was lingering due to the misalignment of my body, not the fall.

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